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A one-on-one or couple money coaching program to help working young professionals be financially stress-free life and make money in their sleep through investing.

 In 12-Weeks You Will:

Have a clear action plan to achieve all of your financial goals

Spend guilty-free and save your money without even thinking

Invest your own money and start making money in your sleep

My Past Clients

Before working with Michael, I was in debt, living at home, and so stressed about my future. 2 years later, I increased my salary by $50,000, I moved out downtown on my own, and I love the new life I made for myself. 

Liana Langly | Real Estate

I’ve gone from a person who was really anxious with my money, to someone who is way more confident when it comes to money and my life. My emotional well-being has completely changed and I’m just a much happier person.

Ryan Natividad | Teacher

Before I was in credit card debt I literally felt it was impossible to afford to buy property. In the past 2 years, I paid off all my credit card debt, and even saved up to purchase my first property, and it was all because of the decisions I made 2 years ago. 

Lee-Anne Kim | Supply Chain

 I Need This! What’s Next?

1. Book a Free Consult Call

To see if we would be a good fit to work together, the first step is to book a 100% FREE 1 hour consult call.

2. Have the Consult Call

On the consult call, I want to figure out the obstacles and problems you face, and give you a clear treatment plan to solve them.

3. Start the Learning

If it’s a good fit, we can discuss how we can work together to help you get on track to take control of your money and life.

This program is for you if:


You are a Working Young Professional

Instead of trying to help everyone, I specialize in helping working young professionals.


You are Ambitious and Committed to change your life

I will guide and support you, but at the end of the day you need to show-up and take action to get the results you want.

This Program is NOT for you if:


You are a Risky Investor

You won’t learn how to invest in Crypto or Day Trading. Instead you’ll learn how to create sustainable, long-term wealth.


Individuals who want someone to invest their money for them

I’m not a financial advisor and I won’t be investing your money for you. You’ll learn how to do this yourself.

Investment of the Program

The 1:1 Program

12x private coaching calls

1:1 Whatsapp messaging support

Lifetime access to Student Portal & Video Modules

Lifetime access to all Financial Plan Templates & Resources

$2500 paid in full

or 4x payments of $650

The Couple Program

12x private coaching calls with you and your partner

1:1 Whatsapp messaging support

Lifetime access to Student Portal & Video Modules

Lifetime access to all Financial Plan Templates & Resources

$3500 paid in full

or 4x payments of $900

This Could Be You Too!

I don’t even have to think or worry about my finances anymore. I know exactly where my money needs to go to work towards my future goals, and I can just focus on enjoying life!

Vanessa Rondeau | Nurse

I know I’ll be successful in any venture I do because I have a much better understanding over my money. 

Jordan Burgher | Football Player

I know know what my financial options are and how to make the best financial decision for myself based on my unique situation, all on my own.

Eric Droski | Plumber

I used to think investing is only for “smart” & “numbers” people. But that’s not true. Once I got over that belief investing was actually easy and fun. I’m also credit card debt free!

Briana Jackson | Social Worker

Through this program, I’ve been able to create a financial plan that works for me! I know that I can actually achieve the life I want without having to restrict and deprive myself from things that make me happy.

Lianne Tang | Teacher

From working with Michael I learnt that my dreams are not just a pipe dream anymore. I can actually buy that bad or go on that vacation guilty-free because I know I can afford it. My quality of life increased significantly.

Bonnie Ton | UX/UI Designer

I’m so much more open with my financial situation and I know exactly what I need to do to achieve my future goals and start living a financially-free life.

Jade Glowby| Make-up Artist

Before the program I was just so lost and I didn’t know where to start. Today I have the confidence and motivation to get to my goals!

Sofia Mathers | Social Worker

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the weekly time commitment?
Approximately 1 – 2 hours per week. Each week you’ll have access to pre-recorded lessons and you’ll have a few days to complete the homework questions and assignments. Afterwards we’ll have a weekly 30 min coaching session for the next 12 weeks.
But I know nothing about managing money! Am I still a good fit?
This program is designed for someone who has zero knowledge on how to manage and invest their money. I teach you everything starting with the basics, and then we build on your knowledge.


♦ The Invesment of The Money Skills Bootcamp Program

♦ What's included when you join 

♦ How to apply for the program

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