Hey it’s nice to meet you! I’m

Michael Kim



I’m a Personal Finance Coach and aspiring CPA where I’ve taught fellow young professionals working in Canada how to create a financial plan, invest their money, and take-back control of their life. 

So how did I get here?

Growing up with family financial issues, I knew that I NEEDED to be financially independent. But there was no one around me to teach me how. So instead of going to university for visual arts & music, I decided to study accounting and finance… the complete opposite lol. 

After spending 4 precious years and over $90,000+ to graduate from the Ivey Business School and Western University, I landed a full-time accounting and finance job. But most importantly, today I finally know how to manage my own money!


Woohoo… but did I really need to spend 4 years and $90k+ to learn essential money management skills and become financially literate? 

I know I did, but no one else should have to…

In September 2019, I started Lifeplanting a financial education business because I wanted to help my friends and family who were struggling with their money problems!

By sharing my knowledge and money management tools, my goal is to empower young professionals to make their own educated decisions so that they can take control of their own lives.

If you want to learn more about what I do, feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram or Email me  

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