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Saving and budgeting is hard! If you wanted to save $12,000 this year by manually putting $1000 every month into your savings account … good luck! If you are like most people, then the $1000 would already be spent on food, clothing, and other random stuff before the end of the month. Trying to save money manually does not work, but what if you were to save money without even thinking?

In this article, I will share 4 ways to save money automatically so that you don’t have to even think about it.

1. Dollar Cost Averaging:

Don’t get scared of this complicated sounding term! Dollar cost averaging is basically getting your bank account to invest some money every month/week/day. For an example, every other Friday when you receive your pay cheque your bank account will transfer $500 directly into your investments! That way you won’t even notice that you have $500 less funds! By the end of the year BOOM, you’ll have $12,000 saved automatically.

I do this using Wealthsimple Invest. Use this link to get $10,000 managed for free!

2. Invest your spare change:

Back in the day people used to use piggy banks to invest their spare change. By the end of 10+ years they ended up with thousands of dollars. Can you imagine if they actually invested their money?? They would have so much more money!

In today’s digital age, the piggy bank equivalent is an app called Mylo. Mylo is a Canadian company that invests your spare change. Each time you make a purchase with your credit/debit card, you can automatically transfer the spare change to your Mylo account. Then Mylo automatically invests your money for you!

It’s like a piggy bank that knows how to invest!

3. Credit Card Rewards:

Some people think that credit cards are the root of all evil. It can be if you forget to pay your monthly credit card bill, but it can also help you save a lot of money.

I use credit cards to rack up points that I can convert to automatically invest in my TFSA/RRSP account. I also have cash back credit cards that I can use to get $$ back that I can then invest!

Make sure to look at the best credit cards for you based on your spending habits.

4. High-interest Savings Account

Did you know that money in your chequing account is actually LOSING money? In Canada, inflation is about 2% per year so all your spare change and money in your chequing account is less valuable by 2% each year.

If you don’t want your money to lose value, use a High-Interest Savings Account! The best one that I use is EQ bank because it has one of the highest returns of 2%.


These are the 4 ways that I use to save money automatically, so I don’t have to even think about it.

By automatically investing money each month/week/day, investing your spare change using Mylo, choosing the best cash back credit card for you, and by using a high-interest savings account you will be a wealthier individual.

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